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How Shakeology Changed My Life

I jumped on the Shakeology bandwagon a year ago and it has changed my life. I was skeptical and believed I should eat my food, not drink it. However, what Shakeology did for me was an unexpected miracle.

I bought Shakeology for a few reasons. First, my husband travels for work and has a busy schedule. He got into the habit of grabbing a banana or skipping breakfast entirely. I figured I would use it as a way to curb my afternoon sweet cravings. Better to drink this instead of eating chocolate cookies right? Well, my husband was immediately hooked based on taste, nutrition, how it made him feel, plus the convenience factor of not having to prepare a breakfast.

My story is different. Around this timeframe, I was suffering from migraines. They would come on about two hours after teaching Zumba or my high cardio DanceFit classes. I could run a few miles or take fitness classes and feel fine. It seemed that the energy I put into teaching was depleting me. Everyone had an opinion. I needed more water, more protein, electrolytes, potassium, healthy calories and fat, etc. You name it, I tried it. The amount of food I was eating in an attempt to get all the nutrients was insane. It still didn't work. My Doctor suggested medicating and offered preventative medication that I would need to take regularly. I turned that down quickly and was determined to find a more natural solution.

I decided to switch things up. Normally I eat 3 meals and snacks in between my meals. I added Shakeology to my diet on the days I taught my dance fitness class. It was a life-changer. My migraines faded, I felt better and I had more energy after class to chase my kids and go about my normal routine. I purchased Shakeology for one reason and become a loyal customer for an entirely different and medical reason.

Few things I want you to know about Shakeology from my own words:

#1. This is a health shake. It is nutrient dense with REAL ingredients, crazy nutrition, and no artificial flavors or sweeteners. In fact, click to check the ingredients for yourself on my favorite flavor - Chocolate Vegan.

#2. It's not a weight loss shake. Yes, many use it as a way to lose weight. It's only natural to lose weight if you cut calories, fat and incorporate a healthy shake with real ingredients. However, I can't say this enough. This is a health shake and weight loss is not the only purpose.

#3. It tastes great! Plus there are so many recipes out there to enhance the shakes. My personal favorite is adding almond milk, almond butter, fresh spinach and a banana to the chocolate vegan shake.

If you are interested in Shakeology, contact me today.

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