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What my Fitness Tribe is all about.

This one is for the ladies. We've all been there, right? You show up to a group fitness class feeling intimidated being the new student. The instructor barely acknowledges you. Perhaps you get a quick smile. The students don't even look in your direction and the experience feels uncomfortable.

You know what you need? A TRIBE. A tribe of women all starting day 1 together. A tribe of women who will encourage you, progress with you, push limits, share personal stories, laugh, sweat, and even grimace with you when the workout gets challenging. I came up with the word "tribe" because I want people to understand this a community I'm building.

What to learn more? Want to join our Tribe? Here is what you need to know:

  • Each session runs about 12 weeks. We start day 1 together and end the session TOGETHER. Get it? It's your tribe. The same people will be in your class throughout the session.

  • These short term or seasonal 12-week sessions are the perfect option for a women who needs flexibility and doesn't want to commit to a pricey or long-term gym membership.

  • We use our own body weight, resistance bands, light weights, and a mat. Occasionally I bring in other fitness equipment and create circuits to switch things ups. You'll never get the same workout. EVER.

  • ALL fitness levels are welcome. I provide modifications for almost all moves. I can level up your workout if you need more. I can tone it down. This way, you get to control the intensity you want.

  • We workout to awesome upbeat music which occasionally sets the pace for our workout.

  • Positive vibes only. We all here to support, uplift and have fun.

  • There is no competition. This is a community. The only person I want each student to compete with is the person they were yesterday.

What else do you need to know?

Classes are located at Belltown Hall at 8 Dorlen Rd in Stamford, CT. If you are interested in a FREE TRIAL or want to chat, contact me directly @ 516-769-8312 or email me at

My next session is our FALL FITNESS TRIBE. It's a 12 week session that begins Sept 3rd. Classes are offered Monday's andTuesday's at 9:30 am and Friday's at 8:45 am. For more info check out my Fall Fit Tribe page on my website.

What are you waiting for? Join our growing tribe today!

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