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9-Week Winter Session starts April 14, 2023

Sign up for 1 or 2 sessions per week:

Monday's at 9:30 am 


Friday's at 9:15 am


Mondays (9 sessions) = $162

Fridays  (9 sessions) = $162

Both Monday and Friday sessions (18 sessions)=$292

To reserve your spot, payment can be made to @jessica-munier via Venmo.

Location: Hall at Belltown Firehouse Stamford

Monday sessions run for 9 weeks from 4/17 - 6/22

Friday sessions run for 9 weeks from 4/14 - 6/16 (no class 5/26)

Payment reserves your spot in our Fit Tribe. 9 people max per session. Up to 2 makeup classes will be provided in the case of conflicts. No refunds. Fit Tribe relies on your attendance to keep the group dynamic strong and hold you accountable. We want your commitment so clear your calendar and show up for yourself!


Do you love the idea of joining a fitness community of women eager to get fit, have fun, and motivate each other?


Join our FIT TRIBE community! This is one special group of women who share some common beliefs when it comes to fitness. We all want to improve our health and get stronger in a space where we feel safe and welcome exactly as we are. That's right! Gone are the days of intimidating classes because this is a group of positive-minded and kind women so if you are a new member or new to fitness, you'll fit right in! We work hard. We sweat. We share stories. We get stronger. TOGETHER.  All fitness levels are welcome here. I plan sessions around my clients who have signed up. This means I design workouts I feel are effective for you and your Tribe  by offering variations and modifications.

Each session is a 50-minute total body interval styled workout which means you can work at your pace. We work for about 40 minutes and use the last 10 minutes for stretching, recovery, and mobility movements. I specialize in Functional Fitness. This means workouts are designed to mimic movements we use in everyday life. We push our limits, but most importantly we train SMART. We use 2-10 lb weights, resistance bands, gliders, and all you need is to bring your mat and water. Variety is key so you'll never get the same workout.

And did I mention we love good music? Yup, we've got some good beats in the background ranging from 80's music to today's top hits. My business isn't called FIT to the BEAT for nothing!

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