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RESET, REDEFINE, and RELAUNCH your health!

STARTS FEBRUARY 2nd at 6:30 pm

Feeling overwhelmed by diet plans and fitness programs? Do the words health, fitness or nutrition trigger you in a negative way? Stop the cycle of fad diets and trendy detoxes. Get on board with learning the method to sustainable health. My 8-week program is designed to educate clients on the main pillars of true health. This is the anti-diet program EveryBODY can benefit from.


The Total Health Reboot program has the flexibility to be in-person or virtual and is open to anyone, anywhere! We begin with working sessions to identify clear goals, build a path, and learn how to create new habits. Each week you’ll be coached on a variety of health topics ranging from nutrition, fitness, how to increase energy and boost your immune system, reduce stress and much more. This program also includes a flexible meal plan with shopping lists, recipes, and smoothie ideas. Stop following cookie-cutter programs and redefine health on your terms!


Week #1: Set meaningful goals with a process oriented plan. Create a POWER statement to create path towards empowerment. Get started with Top #3 Health Hacks.


Week #2: This is the preparation stage. Evaluate and create a (physical, mental and social) environment in your life to set you up for success.


Week #3: Introduction to your new flexible clean-eating meal plan and methods to incorporating it into your life. This also includes general education on nutrition, portions, and will help you think about food as fuel for how you want to feel.


Week #4: Understand why movement matters. Develop a fitness or movement plan. Whether it is a traditional workout plan or other methods to create movement, all plans should create joy.


Week #5: The science behind habits: Learn how to conquer triggers and create new daily habits to help you thrive. This could be the most one of the important tools you could learn. Without habits, you can not create change.


Week #6: The Mindset Reset. This is the partner topic to habits. After learning the science behind behavioral change, it is important to understand why your mindset matters. Learn proven methods used to train your brain to work for you. We will also uncover different types of rest and why recovery, sleep, and reducing stress matters.


Week #7: Get educated about supplements and vitamins to determine if they can benefit your health. Top 3 things you can do to help boost your immune system.


Week #8: Top #10 habits and routines of the most successful people. Learn to become your own health advocate. Resources to help you continue a path towards growth.



  • A 15-minute one-on-one initial consultation and history in-take with Coach Jess.

  • Weekly meetings in-person or virtual for small groups or individuals.

  • A customizable clean eating meal plan with shopping lists, recipes, smoothie ideas, and more!

  • Unlimited email exchanges for questions or support between meetings.


DATES: Thursdays, starting Feb 2 - March 30th

TIME: 6:30 pm

LOCATION: In-person meeting available in Stamford. Virtual option also available.

PRICE: $250

HOW TO REGISTER: Email or call/text 516-769-8312.

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