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A 12-week Small Group Health Coaching Program (Virtual)


This 12- week program is a small group VIRTUAL program that will teach you the basics of health, nutrition and movement that works for you. I will educate you week-to-week (on LIVE group calls) on a variety of essential health topics. You'll be tasked to apply those learnings every week in a way that is realistic, not overwhelming, and help you build the foundation slowly over 12-weeks. You'll learn how to set personalized goals and the tools needed to create REAL behavioral change. All you need right now is the desire to make a change and the patience to know it's not supposed to happen overnight. Health shouldn't hold you back. Health is what you need to LIVE your life.

To learn more visit my Reset & Relaunch Program Page. Click here.

The total package focusing on movement, nutrition and total well-being


Health coaching is the hardest to define because the needs of each individual client are unique. The goal is to create strategies to facilitate and sustain long-term lifestyle change. One-on-one Health Coaching includes:

  • Initial consultation​ with fitness, nutrition and well-being assessment

  • Weekly video coaching sessions and unlimited email support between sessions

  • Personalized goal setting

  • Define and launch a movement or fitness plan
  • Ramp up or update your nutrition routine implementing strategies that work best for you
  • Customized meal plans with shopping lists
  • Coaching sessions can range from the following but are not limited to:​​
    • Creating your own personalized recipe book​
    • How to shop for food and meal prep
    • How to conquer cravings
    • Creating daily habits for success
    • Fitness planning and workout sessions
    • "Mindset-makeover"
    • And so much more.....

Pricing varies based on the level of coaching and time needed. Contact me directly for pricing.


A new and simplified approach to Personal Training - For all fitness levels


Get access to a certified Personal Trainer without the high cost of in-person training. Fitness coaching includes:

  • Initial consultation and fitness assessment

  • Weekly accountability and coaching video calls

  • Personalized goal setting

  • Customized workout plans to complete on your own in the form of video demos

  • Unlimited text and email support

Fitness Coaching Package Pricing:

  • Can range from $100 - $150 per month depending on the number of workouts requested per week.

Health Coaching

12-Week Reset & Relaunch 

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