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The solution to my migraines. Could it be yours?

Migraines are awful. I never understood the difference between a headache and a migraine until it started happening to me 5 years ago. They came on occasionally and a simple change in my diet along with the addition of my superfood shake was the perfect remedy. In 2017, it was no longer enough. I was getting migraines 3-5 times per month. Something changed. But what?

I decided to visit a neurologist in the hopes of identifying the cause. Don't get me wrong, I knew my triggers. The heat, exposure to sun, high cardio workouts, and my monthly cycle all seemed to be my triggers. But 5 years ago, these weren't triggers so I went to the experts to figure this out. Unfortunately, the visits to the Neurologist were disappointing. Instead of trying to find solutions, I was given two rounds of medication to treat the symptoms. They helped the pain but made me feel awful, drowsy and nauseous. This wasn't the right solution for me.

This is the part where I skip over a large part of the story. The story that includes me not giving up, doing research, talking with women, sharing my story, and making appointments with different types of doctors. And I finally, one conversation with a friend made all the difference. Her husband found success with Atlas Orthogonal and I went in with an open mind.

In my own non-scientific words, Atlas Orthogonal is a highly-specialized form of chiropractic treatment focused on getting your neck in alignment with the spine with a non-invasive instrument. None of that back or neck cracking stuff. No pain. Super Fast. And if you take time to research online, you'll quickly see why having your neck and spine in alignment has significant health benefits. I can go on forever about this.

I discovered during my consultation that my neck was out of alignment and could be the cause of my migraines. It was obvious something was off during that examination where certain touch points of my neck were super tender. So, I decided to give this Atlas Orthogonal a try. After a few visits, my body absorbed and held that alignment. I was able to feel a huge difference. I went from 3-5 migraines a month to 1. Another bonus? My symptoms of vertigo also seem to be much better. Score!

Now listen, this is my experience. I also learned that it is possible to knock myself out of alignment again. Everyone is different and our bodies absorb this procedure differently. A quick trip back to the chiropractor gets you back on track and feeling great. For me? It's worth the effort and time.

I share this information to all those that suffer from headaches or migraines. Do your research, log your food intake, and understand your triggers. I tried many alternatives from clean eating, acupuncture, and more. It took time, research, and a lot of doctor visits to get to this point. It blows my mind to think the alternative could have been self-injections and heavy medication to mask my symptoms. I urge you to find a doctor who is willing to help you find the cause and not just medicate to relieve your pain. And if you are willing, visit a chiropractor that specializes in Atlas Orthogonal.

I'm lucky enough to have the first doctor in Connecticut with an Atlas Orthogonal Healthcare Center. If you live nearby, please check him out. Dr. Scott Bender is located in Stamford, CT and owns Connecticut Spine and Health Center. He is passionate about this and truly cares.

It's hard to fully summarize all the details of my migraine journey in one blog post. If you are interested to hear more about my experience feel free to reach out anytime.

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