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Green cleaning that saves time and money? Sign me up!

When we think of our overall health we typically consider diet and exercise. What about the other stuff that contributes to our health like the products we use to clean our house? I grew up thinking the smell of Clorox meant clean. Yet we've been trained to childproof our cleaning supplies because they can be deadly to our children. So why are we using that stuff?

A few months ago I got invited to an online green cleaning party with Norwex. Let me tell you, this company is truly going somewhere because their concept of "cleaning without chemicals" combined with the quality of their products is incredible. It started with a microfiber cloth with microsilver known as their BacLock(R) technology. Get how easy this is. You use the cloth with a little bit of water and it's like magic. Bacteria, food, dirt etc gets lifted from the surface you are cleaning. Imagine that? And if you don't read any further, you have to at least click on the video links below to see how even bacteria from raw chicken can be lifted off your countertop with this cloth and water. Norwex now has an entire line of cleaning products that I've become obsessed with.

I started with the Enviro Cloth, the Window Cloth, and the Kitchen Cloth. These products have saved cleaning time because it is so easy to use. It also has saved me money. I rarely have to buy harsh cleaning products and paper towels. I can't tell you how much waste I used to create DAILY from constantly wiping my kitchen island and counters with paper towels. My windows also look amazing after using the Window Cloth. Since I only need water and the cloth, it got rid of all the Windex residue that has been driving me nuts for years. Want to know the best part other than this being totally safe and chemical free? You only have to wash these cloths every 7-10 days. Crazy right? The silver in these products is self-cleaning meaning it suffocates bacteria so you can use it over and over again without cross contamination.

You know what this means? My kids are in charge of cleaning up after themselves. 100% chemical free means it is totally safe for them to start helping out around our house. :)

I feel like I can go on about Norwex forever so perhaps it may be best to watch a few demo videos if I haven't convinced you.

To purchase Norwex products use this link to let them know I sent you:



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