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Finally, Zumba gets the credit it deserves. Proven to be as effective as running.

My dance fitness fanatics all know and recognize that Zumba or any dance cardio is an effective workout. You can control your intensity and decide how hard you want to go. I will admit there are times I get so caught up in the music, I realize I actually need to slow down or I may not make it through the hour without passing out. Yup, it can get that intense for me.

My point is, people sometimes ask me if Zumba is even a workout. I get this all the time. "When I workout I like to sweat." or "I just don't see how dancing could burn as many calories as running." Finally, I have the study to prove it.

I don't blame people for thinking dance cardio isn't a workout. I get it. 99% of people that try my class are truly shocked and admit "OMG, I haven't sweat like this in a long time." or "Wow. I didn't expect something that looks like fun to be such a good workout".

Go ahead. Read the article for yourself. And for all you Dance Fitness Fanatics, continue to be proud. Dancing is a workout!

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