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Priorities and Passion: How to stay consistent with your workouts.

We have all been there. You start a new workout routine with the best intentions. You build momentum and you even see results. Awesome! Months (or weeks) later it becomes harder to stick to the routine and you are back in that rut. No motivation to hit the gym or workout.

I understand how it happens. I do. It is so easy to take a day off from working out. It is much harder to stay consistent. But why? And how can we get around it?

Let's face it. We do things EVERYDAY we don't like because they are priorities. We have to work to make money. We clean, cook, do laundry and pay bills because we need to maintain our home. We work so hard to build a life, but why do we push off our workouts? There are many answers. For many it's not fun, it is perceived as time-consuming, and we aren't held accountable like we are with our mortgage or rent.

It doesn't have to be this way! My personal tips for staying consistent are these two beautiful words. PRIORITIES AND PASSION.


You must believe your health is a priority and treat it that way. It is more important than your mortgage or job. Without your health, you may not be able to work, support your spouse, kids, house and pay the bills. Get on the path to living the best life you can. Do it for yourself, your family and friends. They want you around for as long as they can have you. So how do you make your workouts a priority?

Create a Reasonable Schedule

Don't assume you'll go from zero to working out five times a week. This is so important. Don't set yourself up for failure. Baby steps. If you are starting out, aim for 2-3 workouts per week of about 20-30 minutes. It's reasonable and much better than nothing. Check your schedule each week and set your workout for times that make sense and won't make you feel overwhelmed.

Treat it Like Your Job

Imagine if you prioritize your workouts like you prioritize going to work? Well if you don't, shift your mindset. Your health should not take a back seat. And let's be realistic since we are all human. Yes, there are days we take off from work. It is ok to feel like you need a day off from working out. However, we eventually get back to work. Same applies here.

Get Support

Your spouse, family, friends, boss, and co-workers could be your best advocates. Make sure they understand what you are trying to achieve and ask them to help hold you accountable. It is reasonable to tell your boss or co-workers that once per week you need to leave the office by a certain time. It's ok! If you are a stay-at-home mom, get support from a babysitter or friend to watch the kids. I know from experience it may not be easy. If you treat this like your job, you'd have a nanny or daycare lined up. If finances are holding you back from splurging on a sitter, there are ways around this. Even if it's a 30-minute workout after bedtime 2-3 times per week.


Passion is the secret weapon to staying consistent. If you find a workout you love, you will stick with it. A day off will seem like torture. Imagine that? With passion, your workout becomes a pleasure. So how do you get that passion?

Seek, Try and Identify Your Passion

It's as simple as making a list of ideas and giving them a try because only you can figure this out. Don't give up because the options are endless these days between gyms, group classes, personal trainers, at home videos, nature walks, yoga, hiking, dancing, boxing, swimming, etc. Give them all legitimate chance. You may also need variety to keep you engaged. In fact, I'm a believer in finding a variety of workouts that target different muscle groups and include cardio. Just try with an open mind. When a friend told me about Zumba, it took me months to get to class because I wasn't thinking outside the box. I was so used to the traditional style of workouts with weights. I gave it one try and I was hooked for life.

Find your thing because once you identify a workout that is fun and makes you feel good, it becomes much easier to stick with. That passion and feeling of enjoyment can be the turning point to your new outlook on working out.

Getting on the path to a healthier life doesn't need to be complicated. Always remember these two little words. PRIORITIES AND PASSION.

If you need some coaching or creativity to find the right workout plan, feel free to contact me. I'm just an email away from helping you live Fit to the Beat!

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