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I'm an ACE Certified Personal Trainer & Health Coach, Dance Fitness Instructor, Mother, Wife, and Enthusiast for anything related to health and fitness.


Over the last 10 years, I've had the pleasure of helping women of all ages transform both physically and mentally. I'm on a mission to prove that fitness can be fun and your journey to a healthier life is achievable with the right approach. Training sessions and group classes should never be intimidating, they should feel welcoming and empowering. It's never too late to start making changes. Let's start today!




 “Jessica has completely changed my attitude about fitness. Jessica is non-judgemental, supportive, and listens to feedback.  Her personal training sessions have increased my endurance dramatically and helped me to lose over ten pounds!”

"Small Group Fit Tribe sessions are my favorite. I get a great strength-based workout with a friendly and fun group. I love the support and accountability. It is non-intimidating and challenges me to get stronger. Jessica's instruction is clear and upbeat. I'm so happy I found this group!"

"Love all Jessica's classes. Her words of motivation echo in my head about always doing the best we can with what we have!"

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