Get ready for a program that will help you RESET, REDEFINE, and RELAUNCH your health!

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by diet plans and fitness programs? Do the words health, fitness or nutrition trigger you in a negative way? Most people are triggered because they feel like they've failed so many times. You are not alone. I feel this industry is failing you. Stop signing up for programs that sell weight loss and unrealistic results. There is so much more to health than strict diet plans and fitness programs you'll never follow long-term

This 12-week program is a small group VIRTUAL program that will teach you the basics of health, nutrition and movement that works for you. I will educate you week-to-week (on LIVE group calls) on a variety of essential health topics. You'll be tasked to apply those learnings every week in a way that is realistic, not overwhelming, and help you build the foundation slowly over 12 weeks. You'll learn how to set personalized goals and the tools needed to create REAL behavioral change. All you need right now is the desire to make a change and the patience to know it's not supposed to happen overnight. Health shouldn't hold you back. Health is what you need to LIVE your life.

Week 1: How to set SMART goals and Top 3 health hacks to get you started.
Week 2: The power of recognizing triggers and creating positive habits.
Week 3: Move your body, change your mind. Create a movement (or fitness) plan that creates joy.
Week 4: Phase 1 Nutrition Education (Mindful eating. Macros. Nutrition Label Education)
Week 5: Environmental Control. Moral Support. Self Discipline Hacks.
Week 6: Movement Check-In. Make the call on Nutrition (Phase #2)
Week 7: The basics on Vitamins & Supplements.
Week 8: Proof that mindset matters. Reduce stressPrioritize self-care.
Week 9: How to tweak your nutrition for your needs by season.
Week 10: The Top 5 habits of most highly effective people.
Week 11: Challenges, Triggers, Awareness, and how to RESET.
Week12: A Celebration and Open Discussion. Top Resources to continue and learn.


  • A 20-minute one-on-one initial consultation and history in-take with Jessica.

  • Weekly LIVE Group Calls for 45 minutes every Monday at 7:00 pm. Calls will be recorded for playback.

  • A customized fitness or movement plan prepared by Jessica based on your feedback after session #3.

  • Unlimited access to my On-Demand Channel for a variety of workouts including my 20-minute beginner workout series for 12 weeks.

  • Unlimited email exchanges for questions or support between meetings.

$450 total for 12 weeks payable on Venmo @Jessica-munier to reserve your spot. Space is limited to 10 members.

This is an amazing opportunity. For just $38 per week you are getting valuable information and the tools to change your life!
If you decide during my course you prefer a customized meal plan with shopping lists for planning, please add a $50 charge for us to work on this together.



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