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A 30-minute HIIT Class with heart pumping music. Work your entire body in a short time. All you need are light to medium weights, a mat, and a great attitude. All fitness levels welcomed.


Wednesday nights at 6:30 pm via Zoom

Drop in for $5 per class.

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Short on time? This is the workout for you!

This is a 30-minute virtual HIIT class with a twist of fun.

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training. It's a fancy way of describing a cardio workout that alternates periods of intense exercises with short bouts of recovery. This method has gained popularity over the years because it's a time-efficient way to burn calories and get fit.

What's makes this HIIT fun? MUSIC!

Music motivates. Music moves us. So why not incorporate heart-pumping music to maximize your HIIT workout? With different themes of music week over week, getting bored is not an option.

All you need is water, a towel, an exercise mat, and light to medium weights. While HIIT is mostly a cardiovascular workout, there are ways of incorporating toning elements. Start with 3-5 pound weights and you'll build up from there!

Each class is $5 and is hosted on ZOOM.

Drop-in anytime! All you need to do is make a payment via Venmo to @jessica-munier. In the comments, confirm the date of the class you are attending and your email address. I'll email you a confirmation and Zoom link to join!

I'm also on Paypal and Zelle so reach out if you need an alternative way to pay.

Get ready to SWEAT. Get ready to HIIT the BEAT!

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